Jewellery Shop Management Software

We have 2 versions of Jewellery Shop Management Software.

Jewellery Shop Management Software : Version 1

This one with simple processing software, only with Bill printing and for report generation purpose. All processes can be managed with this software except bar-code and accounting. This version is designed for people who needs only Bill printing and daily-monthly purchase-sales-order reports, and don’t want to process any payments/accounting through software.

Jewellery Shop Management Software : Version 2

This one with complex processing software, with all processes managed with this software including bar-coding, purchase, sales, order management, payment transactions, accounting and report printing. This version is designed for people who needs everything managed accurately  and want regularity and uniformity in business through software.


  1. Product, Article, Category creation, management
  2. RD Supplier creation, management, category allocation
  3. Customer and Employee creation and management
  4. Employee attendance and salary reports
  5. RD – URD Purchase transactions, Godown-shop storage, stock management
  6. with and without bar-code systems. Easy to use, Any language support available.
  7. Payment can be made on instalment.
  8. database backup-restore , password protection, single-multi computer installation available.
  9. Article/product/Bill search by any-all criteria, accurate and easy to operate processes.
  10. Sales, Orders, Order Management, Maker management, Mortgage process and management and many useful features
  11. Bill printing can be done with your existing stationery with any printer, or on blank stationery(A4/Letter).