Software for Cake Shop, Bakery

Logix7 Technologies, have been providing custom softwares for all kind of businesses in bhiwandi. we have our new product for cake-bakery shops to manage-maintain all processes in optimized way. Cake shop Software targets basic and critical needs of all vendors, shop owners who are running bakery or/and cake business. Major concern of shop owner is expiry of many products are to short period and hassle to maintain. another area where shop owner needs help is procurement or purchase order placement. as they are not accurately aware about current stock, market trend, customer response to particular brand/flavour etc. This software is so simple to use that you dont need to worry about anything. It will take care of all your needs.

One more essential and crucial feature this software has, is its auto-Msg sending capability. This software is designed to send customers birthday wishes and offers on their birthdays automatically. This feature needs customer data to be saved earlier anytime during worktime. All other common features for cake shop software is listed below…

Cake Shop Software Features:

  1. Supplier create, manage, ledger
  2. Customer creation, management
  3. Customer Birth date store and send best wishes message automatically on birthday facility.
  4. Payment options include Cheque-Cash-NEFT-CardĀ for supplier and customer payment transactions
  5. Bill Printing by any printer and in any size you wish to print.
  6. Easy to handle purchase and sales modules for cake shop
  7. All MIS reports will be generated for cake shop accounting.
  8. Payment can be made on installment.
  9. Database backup-restore, password protection, single-multi computer installation available.
  10. Track customer, track product by sales Inv. Feature.
  11. Unlimited Type-Product creation to purchase-sell in cake shop software
  12. Cake return-to-supplier policy included.
  13. Simple stock check and print as per whole, category wise etc included
  14. Expense management module included
  15. Employee creation and salary management module included
  16. Cake and other product expiry date management and reminder module included

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